"Having dislocated my shoulder some years ago, I have only been able to raise my arm waist high.  After receiving various different treatments without success, I decided to try The Bowen Technique with Lisa.  I am now able to raise my arm above shoulder height without pain or discomfort which is really amazing.  I fully recommend Lisa and The Bowen Technique to anyone who has any joint/muscle problems and will continue to have top up treatments as and when required." Mr B, East Sussex.

"After a severe accident that left both my legs badly bruised, I had two months of physiotherapy, which helped enormously. After two months I felt that healing had slowed noticeably and being the impatient kind, I thought I would try Bowen. What I liked about Bowen when I heard about it was the holistic approach and the idea that the therapy stimulates the body to heal itself rather than provide external solutions. After three weekly sessions I feel that a marked change had taken place. I no longer had to take anti-inflammatories and I felt that healing was progressing more quickly again. Mobility was enhanced and pain reduced. The treatments themselves were calm and relaxing, though very intense, and actually something to look forward to, as they seemed to ‘earth’ me and gently flick switches in me. I would definitely recommend Bowen. " Mr A, East Sussex.

"After a fall, I was recommended to try Bowen, which helped immensely with my recovery, after just two to three treatments.  I like to go when my body needs balancing". Mrs K, East Sussex.  

"My symptoms were preventing me from walking as much as I would like and to be generally mobile.  I would say that my stiffness in my neck, hands and shoulders have improved.  When I have had a Bowen treatment, I feel better and more relaxed and I find I am more mobile and less stiff when walking."   Mrs C, E Sussex.

"After one year of unsuccessful conventional treatment for a frozen shoulder, I tried the Bowen Technique with Lisa and after three treatments, was pleased to find the pain and inflammation beginning to fade.  After another couple of treatments the shoulder was almost as good as new.  With an active lifestyle, I will be seeing Lisa every few months to maintain the benefits of the treatment." Mrs P, Kent.

"I won my 'Bowen Experience' in a raffle so decided to give it a go.  I had Physiotherapy for years which 'maintained' my back rather than cured the underlying problem.  I thought it all sounded very odd and the almost 'hands-off' approach seemed a ridiculous treatment but it worked and my back and shoulders have never been better."   Mrs T,  Kent.

"I have suffered with a stiff painful neck and knees as well as Asthma for a number of years.  I was having difficulty walking very far due both to breathlessness and aching knees.  I am feeling the benefits of Bowen with both my neck and knees being not so stiff and I feel more relaxed after my Bowen treatments."  Mrs L, East Sussex.

"I came for a Bowen treatment on recommendation of my wife who also sees Lisa.  I have suffered for a good 40 years with lower back stiffness and pain and was also becoming bent over and stooped most noticeably when walking.   It is always difficult to quantify how Bowen has benefited me but I do find the treatment very relaxing and an enjoyable experience and I feel 'better' afterwards.   I regard it as 'maintenance' treatment and it enables me to continue playing golf."  Mr S, Kent. 

"I have had neck problems since a car accident 5 years ago and the pain was preventing me from enjoying life generally and having a social life. I have to take quite a few different medications for the pain in my neck but also for the pain in my legs, hips and lower back, hands, where I also experience numbness and tingling as well. I also suffer with quite severe headaches as well at times. I started going for Bowen treatments soon after the accident and have found the pain has reduced, not completely, but I am now able to enjoy a better quality of life since having Bowen over the last five years. I like to keep active and try to walk and cycle most days but this can be painful after 5-10 minutes but now I am able to do this relatively pain free with regular top up treatments of Bowen." Mr B, Kent.

"I purchased a Gravity kit for my daughter XX and her partner XX for last year’s Xmas present. My daughter suffers from M.E and it has helped with her general well-being, restoring and re-balancing her.  Her partner has had a long term shoulder and neck injury from rugby.  He was a physio for XX Rugby Club and XX Cricket Club and they used the Gravity in the treatments, so he is well aware of the benefits from its use.  He never had much time left in his day to use it, so to have his own is wonderful. 
"My other daughter XX fractured her wrist in March and it was put into a cast for 8 weeks. She then had 6 sessions of physio. She goes to an osteopath for work related problems too.  She is a holistic therapist and the treatments she performs take their toll.  Once the physio sessions were completed she was given the go ahead to use the Gravity kit.  I went to look after her for a week and left her my Gravity kit.  She uses it regularly and with Yoga and Pilates, she is in good health.  When I came home I needed to buy another Gravity kit for myself!
"Then my sister had a trapped nerve in her neck, it was called a bulging disc. She also had physio. She was signed off work and unable to sleep or sit comfortably, with lots of pain killers and walking!  She has suffered with back problems for years. Her posture is not good from working in front of two computer screens using a mouse and has taken its toll. She lives in Guernsey, so we don’t see each other that much but a visit took place in July, so I purchased yet another Gravity kit to send her home with. It is being used daily and is helping.  GRAVITY to the rescue in the FAMILY!! I gave them as presents, money well spent. I can’t praise the use of Gravity high enough, I go on about all the time. It was the same after coming to you for Bowen treatment. It was like MAGIC.  The treatments brought my movement back with no more aches and pains. My sinus problems are so much better. Meeting you changed my life and I thank you."  Mrs D, Kent. 

"I was suffering with very painful Sciatica, which was affecting my sleep, as it was painful turning over in bed which meant I was not only tired but had to take painkillers nightly as well as during the day if required.  Due to other health issues, I was also suffering with general aches and pains and I also suffer with Asthma.  I originally went to Lisa for the Sciatica pain and was really pleased to see the symptoms gradually disappear between the 1st and 3rd sessions.  I had a fall on holiday after my third treatment, which set me back a bit, but another couple of treatments and the Sciatica gradually disappeared again with the only odd niggle now and then.   Due to other health issues including Asthma, I have continued with regular top-up treatments of Bowen every month or so, which seems to keep me feeling more comfortable generally, keeps my energy levels up and especially seems to help keep the Asthma under control.  I find Bowen  very relaxing and I find great benefit from the treatment."  Mrs C, Kent. 

“Hello Lisa, firstly, we wanted to say how amazed we are at how we’ve been, following your Bowen Therapy. I cannot thank you enough, my back is so very much better! I am totally amazed. I hadn’t realised how much it was getting me down. My heels are also much better, so thank you. We both felt very relaxed and you are now officially our most favourite person!!!” Mr and Mrs G, Kent.

"I have used Bowen therapy for many years for general aches and pains and found it to be very beneficial, however the real test was after a very serious motorcycle accident in 2002, which left me with debilitating injuries to my right knee and lower spine. Bowen enabled my body to relax and give me much needed pain relief.  In December 2014, at the age of 39, I was lucky to be offered a private knee replacement and the consultant remarked how strong the muscular structure of the knee was considering how atrocious the joint was, when I mentioned I had been having Bowen Therapy, he was very impressed, saying that this would help with recovery.  Which it did and 11 days after surgery, the crutches and wheelchair were made redundant! I continue to have top ups every few months to keep things on the straight and narrow, along with extra treatments in between, when required, keeping my body together due to sporting activities that lead to some bashing about! I strongly believe in Bowen, as a treatment that is non-invasive, relaxing, gives quick and long-lasting results and have friends and family, that have treatment with Lisa too". Mrs R, East Sussex. 

 "I was experiencing severe pain in my lower back when performing almost any movement, such as sitting down, getting up, lifting anything, even dressing.  The morning after my first treatment the symptoms were, if anything, even worse but, knowing this was a possibility, that didn't concern my unduly.  Later that same day the symptoms had reduced considerably and they continued to reduce over the next few days.  By my second treatment, 12 days later, the symptoms had gone completely and I have remained pain free since then." Mr C, Kent.

"I had Bowen many years ago, which was a great help with back pain.  During the last year, I've had many problems with pain in muscles and joints.  Since starting a course of Bowen with Lisa, my symptoms are improving.  The treatment is very gentle and relaxing. I would recommend anyone with pain issues to try Bowen."  Mrs L, Kent.

"I first had Bowen about eight years ago to help with mobility, before and after having both knees replaced.  It really eased pain and helped with flexibility.  I've since had it for shoulder pain, which it cured.  I now have quarterly sessions to keep the spine comfortable and free.  I thoroughly recommend it.  It's also, surprisingly, nice to have! Mrs M, Kent.

"When I started the menopause, my life changed.  I would not go out alone and had no confidence meeting new people and socialising.  I have also suffered with asthma since childhood and this gradually got worse, with the effects of the menopause. I tried medication from my GP and homeopathic remedies etc, with no lasting results.  It was at this time that my daughter had started seeing a Bowen Therapist for her bad back after all other treatment had failed.  This treatment was very successful and she suggested that I might try it.  After much persuasion, I agreed to an appointment but was very doubtful that it would be of any help.  I explained my fears to Lisa, explaining that I had recently been admitted to hospital with asthma and anxiety symptoms and that I found it impossible to relax.  She listened to me and took notes before asking me to lie on the treatment bed.   Before very long, I was completely relaxing into the treatment and found it surprisingly therapeutic and by the end of the session, I sat up and cried.  I could not believe how relaxed I was.  I initially had a session a week for three weeks and then monthly top up sessions.  The treatment continues to help not only my asthma but my stress levels.  I have recently returned to Lisa after the sudden loss of my husband.  It has, once again, helped me deal with a very difficult situation.  I currently see Lisa once a month for top up sessions unless I have a problem.  I too suffer from a bad back and various aches and pains.   Lisa always makes me feel better.Mrs F, Kent.

"Having been very cynical about complementary therapies, I would like to say how happily surprised I have been by how successful Bowen has proved for me.  I have had a bad lower back for many years due to damage done in my twenties (I am now in my late forties) and have suffered neck pain intermittently following a whiplash injury.  I have tried various therapies, including different physiotherapists, osteopaths and an acupuncturist, with little success.  Since starting a course of Bowen with Lisa, I have been almost completely clear of symptoms and when I start to feel a twinge, I visit for a top up and the Bowen seems to keep problems at bay.  Amazing!  I would thoroughly recommend your practice."  Mrs H, East Sussex.

"I came for some Bowen treatment due to ongoing lumbar pain since the 1970's and also for Sciatica pain in my right leg.  It was making movements such as walking and bending etc painful and difficult.  The Bowen treatment feels like it has re-levelled my pelvis and relieves a lot of discomfort for a while.   The improvement in my stance has been great and this in itself eases the back spasms and pain.  It has given me confidence to walk further before resorting to sitting down."    Mrs T, Kent.

"The Bowen method was a surprisingly gentle treatment, which deceptively, seems at first to involve almost no action.  Specific moves are made and then a rest takes place before more moves follow.  At first I was sceptical that the long standing injury to my knee would be addressed by this.  However, afterwards I felt some relief and it was more usable and as we continued the course over a number of weeks, the injury seemed to be diminishing.  There was an element of natural improvement, I think, but certainly my knee got better more quickly than it had over the previous nine months or more.  The curiously unassertive treatment on a strong joint like a knee surprised me in its apparent effectiveness." Mr H, Kent. 


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